Mexico is a country with a surprise around every corner. It combines an incredibly rich history with the most beautiful shades of green and blue, the colors of the colonial buildings and of the Mayan textiles with the burning heat of the taco stands.

Mexico is ancient Mayan pyramids, deep sunsets, mesmerizing caves, penetrating smells, salsa dancing in the streets, lights and shades of cathedrals, a jump in the deepest blue waters, wild animals all around, the bliss of a million wonders, a piece of heart left in a new land and an insatiable desire of going back.

Discover itineraries, practical information, tips and tricks to make the most out of Mexican adventure! And be prepared to fall in love with this incredible country.

Top cenotes in Mexico

One of the things I was looking forward to visiting the most in Mexico were the cenotes. I mean, going to the beach is great, but this is a completely different, new, incredible and highly addictive experience. In fact, I probably spent more money to enter cenotes than to buy food. First things first: what is ...

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Wonders of Mexico – An introductory guide for first timers

Mexico is a country of a million wonders. It’s quickly become one of my favorite countries in the world, in fact I left a little piece of my heart there. I feel like I’m saying this for a lot of places, but I hadn’t felt so strongly about a country probably since Japan. I was in ...