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The benefits of having a business manifesto

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Picking a topic for the first “official” post is always daunting. I already wrote a couple of introductory posts when I started blogging one year ago – here – and you can find plenty of information about me on other pages of this website, so this time I deemed it more appropriate to introduce myself and my work in a different way: through my manifesto.

Many books and blog posts have been written on the importance of having a manifesto for your business. I’ll be honest, I struggled to see its usefulness for a long time and, while I diligently did my homework for things like mission, logo, style, personality, I neglected the poor thing.

What is a manifesto, first of all?

It’s a declaration of intents, that defines concisely what you do, why you do it and what you are moving towards in your business. It’s its deep essence, a rough diamond in your mind that needs to be dug out, to shine for all your clients and followers out there.

Last week, still somehow skeptical, I decided to give it a shot. I sat down in a quiet environment with my vanilla chai and I started thinking. What do I want to accomplish with my business? What’s the essence of what I’m doing? Why do I have such a strong call towards my job? How do I want to be perceived as a business by people who don’t know me? What are my beliefs and convictions? This ain’t no sales pitch, it has to be a honest expression of my feelings.

I grabbed my inspiration notebook and jotted down all the keywords that came to my mind thinking about my business and my purpose in life. This is what I got: curiosity, words, efficiency, human connection, diversity, adventure, journey, understanding.

Then, I started brainstorming, until I got 15-20 sentences down. After a night or two, there is the review phase: I edited and polished my bullet points, deleting something, adding something else and organizing everything more or less coherently.

And finally, the fun part: I turned my list into a colorful infographic, easy to share on different social media channels. This is the result:

Ikigai business manifesto

This is the first time I am sharing it, so I am in no position to quantify the results on a practical level yet. I have to admit, however, that the whole process has been fun and enlightening, so it’s something I would recommend even just for clarity’s sake.

So, what are the benefits of having a manifesto?

  • it’s a source of inspiration and a constant reminder to stay true to yourself, right there in front of you, every day
  • it gives your potential clients an idea of who you are. If what you have to say resonates with them, it may be that little push that convinces them to buy from you. People buy from people and your manifesto is the authentic expression of who you are in your business (and personal) dimension.
  • it’s easily shareable = visibility. You can play with it and transform it in a video, a poster, an infographic, a list of tweetable points, perfect to be shared, giving you visibility and (hopefully) sending clients your way.

Have your say! What do you think about manifestos? Do you have one? Why is it important/not important for you? Let me know in the comments below!


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