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Halifax quick guide

Halifax was the final destination of my Canada coast to coast trip and, a couple of setbacks aside, I couldn’t ask for a better place to conclude my adventure. I would recommend a couple of days to visit the city, which is not huge, and one day for the out-of-town trip.

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Waterfront Boardwalk

I always find walking along the water rather calming. The lively waterfront boardwalk runs from the Casino to the Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. There’s always something going on, no matter the season or the time of the day. Stop for some ice cream or some drinks, climb the big wave (even though you are not supposed to) or take a tour of the ship in front of the Maritime Museum. It’s hard to get bored.

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Point Pleasant Park

At the south end of the harbor, where you wouldn’t expect to find anything, stands the huge Point Pleasant Park. Its trails and winding paths cover almost 39 kilometers! Instead of following the main paths, find the little ones heading down towards the water: you’ll find an adorable rocky beach overlooking the Northwest Arm. The perfect reading spot.

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Citadel and clock tower

The Citadel is very close to downtown but it offers a great view of the city. You can go all the way up the walls and walk around, enter the citadel itself or simply stop at the clock tower and enjoy the view.

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Public Gardens

Usually I’m not a big fan of gardens, but this one has a very distinct and rather fascinating Victorian style. It’s also compact enough that even people like me can enjoy a quick tour without getting bored. It’s opened seasonally from April to November.

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Titanic grave site

We have all watched the movie Titanic at least once in our lives, haven’t we? While the movie tells us that the survivors are sent to New York, no one mentions Halifax as the main burial site of the victims. So I went to pay a visit to the Fairview Lane Cemetery, where some of the deceased are buried. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Jack.

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Maritime Museum

If you want to know more about the whole thing, the Maritime Museum is the place to visit. It contains a whole section dedicated to the Titanic and some relics, from advertising posters to kids shoes damaged in the shipwreck. Recommended if you have some time.

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I’m sure you won’t find this in any guidebook, but I liked the chilled atmosphere and the view from Africville. There’s nothing epic or incredible, but it’s a pleasant walk with a lot of green space. There’s also a tiny Africville Museum that you can visit for a couple of bucks.

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New library

Lastly, as a real book nerd, I couldn’t miss the new 8-floor Central Library with its cool “spiraly” design and huge glass windows overlooking the city.


Cliché or not, rent a car and go to Peggy’s Cove, the world famous lighthouse that you see in every single picture of Nova Scotia. Keep going and stop in Lunenburg as well, a historical fishermen village home to the Blue Nose, the famous sailboat on the 10 cents coin.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to explore Nova Scotia further, but it’s definitely on the bucket list!

If you have the chance, go and explore Nova Scotia!
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