I am Federica, the mind and soul behind Ikigai Translations

federica bruniera ikigai translations from english french japanese into italianMy name is Federica Bruniera. Italian by birth, I'm usually nomadic and therefore consider myself a citizen of the world. I translate from Japanese, EnglishFrench, and Spanish into my native Italian.

With ten years of experience in the field, ranging from in-house translation and project management to freelance translation and web annotation, I wander through mazes of words to unveil the ones that are true to your brand and best convey your message.

When I am not translating, you can find me globetrotting in search of beauty, new inspiration and knowledge, or reading, watching sports, and writing. I am also a skilled daydreamer, a casual tea drinker and a karaoke lover.

I'm very passionate about climate issues, reason why I organize and facilitate workshops on the climate crisis. It's my small contribution to raise awareness on the greatest issue of our times. Other entities I collaborate pro bono with are Translators without Borders, and TED's Open Translation Project.

A multicultural background

Raised in different cities across Italy, I was exposed to cultural and linguistic diversity from a very young age. I developed a passion for the English language very early, followed by French in my teenage days and Japanese at university. I obtained a BA and an MA in Japanese language, culture and society with a specialization in literary translation from Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Alas, theory without practice makes it hard to reach high standards, that's why all my studies have been complemented by extensive stays abroad: from the picturesque streets of Paris to the spiritual temples of Kyoto, from the magical lights of Kobe to the majestic nature of Vancouver, and finally to the incredible colours and diversity of South America.

For you it means:
High cultural and linguistic sensibility
Culturally appropriate, terminologically accurate and goal-oriented content

A 360° view on the translation business


My path in the translation world has been multifaceted and adventurous, just as I like my life to be. Starting from website translation in exchange for free accommodation in a lovely Japanese guesthouse, I drifted into language teaching and tutoring, only to jump a little later on the one hand into the intricacies of project management and in-house translation, on the other hand into the delicate and mysterious dynamics of web annotation as part of the localization team of Cortana. Finally on the shores of full-time freelancing, I now enjoy its daily challenges and gratifications, pouring enthusiasm and experience in every project.   

For you it means:



Comprehensive knowledge of the business

  • A thorough understanding of your needs


  • Prompt reply to inquiries, efficient communication and punctual delivery


  • Passion, enthusiasm and, if the project requires it, a creative touch

translator for japanese business

Japanese business?

My deep knowledge of the Japanese culture in all its aspects ensures that you receive a culturally appropriate and 100% localized product, ready to be launched on the Italian market

translator for canadian business

Canadian business?

You get an appealing text translated by someone who has lived extensively in your country, who understands perfectly the needs and the expectations of the Italian community

translator for translation agency

Translation agency?

Having been a project manager myself, I am well aware of the dynamics behind an agency, the stress of allocating a project, a missed delivery, quality issues... From me, you will get a prompt reply, a punctual delivery, a honest and clear communication, a high-quality product

translator for authors


Your book, paper or article will be translated with the utmost respect for your style, register and content. Culturally specific references and special requirements and requests will be thoroughly discussed together, to make sure that we are "on the same page"

Another trick or two up my sleeve:

I am a solopreneur, meaning that I manage my business all by myself: no risk for your emails to get lost in the maze of assistants, employees or project managers' inboxes. You will always be in direct contact with me from the quotation stage to the delivery of the project. I will be there to discuss with you your requirements, needs, expectations, doubts and concerns.

Working with clients in many different time zones, I keep my working hours very flexible to accommodate your schedule. I don't reply to emails in the middle of the night (sleep and boundaries are important!), but if you wish to schedule a call or need an urgent project completed outside of regular working hours, I will do everything in my power to make it happen.

In translation, consistency is important: that's why I use dedicated pieces of software, called CAT tools, that memorize terminology and provide a strict QA process, ensuring accuracy and no discrepancies throughout your text.

academic-backgroundAcademic Background

italyMA in Japanese language, culture and society
Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy

japanJapanese advanced course and translation seminar
Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

franceMA - Japanese language, culture and translation
Erasmus program, Paris VII University, Paris, France

italyBA in Japanese language, culture and society
Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy

conferences and events

Conferences & Events

event-iconThe Translation and Localization Conference
Warsaw, Poland, March 2016

event-iconBologna Children's Book Fair
Bologna, Italy, April 2016

event-iconItaliano Corretto, on the evolution of the Italian language
Pisa, Italy, 2016 and 2017

BP Translation Conference
Budapest, Hungary, 2017


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

4Introduction to Pharmacology
Maui College

4Clinical Terminology for US and International Students, Coursera

4Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research

4Understanding Common Diseases

4Good brain, bad brain: drug origins

4Clinical trials and medical documentation for translators, Carmen Cross - webinar

4The Pharmacokinectics of drugs commonly used during clinical trials, Carmen Cross - webinar

4Where Regulatory Rules: Translating drug leaflets, packaging and labelling, Erin Lyons - webinar

4The Patient's Perspective: best practices for translating ICFs and PILs, Erin Lyons - webinar

4Epidemiology: The basic science of public health

4Understanding clinical research: behind the statistics


5Tradurre per l'editoria - literary translation and revision course, La Matita Rossa

5Se c'è un drago dev'essere un fantasy - fantasy translation workshop, STL Formazione

5Japanese Culture through Rare Books

La bottega di traduzione editoriale - literary translation course, STL  Formazione

Tradurre il giornalismo - translating journalism, STL Formazione

Tradurre luoghi e culture - travel translation course, Langue & Parole

Sottotitoli e doppiaggio - subtitling course, Langue & Parole

SEO per traduttori - introductory course to SEO for translators, Langue & Parole

Scrittura di viaggio - writing for the travel industry, Langue & Parole


ideaBrand Storytelling

ideaMarketing for translators: practical ideas and suggestions for brochures/websites, Alessandra Martelli - webinar

ideaStarting a business 1-6: From vision and opportunity to funding your business, FutureLearn

My Professional Experience
What's in for you

Freelance translator from Japanese, English, French and Spanish into Italian since 2012
Blogger at: The Globetrottoise, Words in WonderlandCreation of appealing content (specifically about travel)
Workshop Facilitator at the Climate Fresk, delivering workshops about the climate crisis (science, reflections and solutions)Facilitating skills
Translator and contributor at La Bottega dei Traduttori, a community of translators translating old classics into Italian, writing and sharing articles about the translation industrySolid background and training in literary and creative translation + genuine enthusiasm
Web annotator for the localization of Microsoft's vocal assistant software Cortana since 2014Flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to changes
In-house translator and project manager, 2014-2015Efficient work, ability to handle tight deadlines, developed organizational skills
Translator, interpreter and guest-house staff member, Kyoto, JapanThorough understanding of travelers' needs and expectations

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