Climate Fresk Workshops



What’s the Climate Fresk?

The Climate Fresk is an interactive small group game, based on the IPCC report, to learn about climate science. The aim is not to become climate scientists or huge experts, but to get the general picture of how climate works and of the cause-effect relations between events. All the players work together as a team to understand how everything is interconnected and what the consequences of our actions are.

The game has different phases:

1. HEAD – The Science

There are 42 cards that get distributed to the players in 5 rounds. In each round, the players have to establish the cause-effect relations between the cards. In the end, we’ll have a big collage where all the cards are interlinked!

2. HEART – Emotions

Learning the facts is good, but for meaningful change, we need to process the info through our hearts. How does this new knowledge make us feel?

3. HANDS – Solutions

In the last segment, we brainstorm solutions. Now that we have this new awareness, what can we do at an individual, but most of all systemic level to cut our carbon emissions?

Why is it important?

To tackle a problem, we first need to know about it. With the Fresk, we learn!

And when we know about it, it’s important to spread awareness, so that more people can know about it. That’s how change starts. After the Fresk you can become a facilitator too!

All the big economic players and the media keep trying to convince us to act at a consumerist level, putting pressure on us as individuals so that they can ignore their responsibilities. In the Fresk we reflect on systemic changes.

It’s a beautiful occasion to come together, have fun and reflect on how to make the planet a better place for everyone.

climate fresk workshop

Practical info

For individuals, I organize one free (or donation-based) community workshop once a month.

For companies, the price depends on the number of employees who will participate, and the date and time will be arranged specifically for your schedule.