Transcription and Subtitling

Let's assume you have a series of recorded interviews with some physicians that you need transcribed and translated for the market research of a new pharmaceutical product. Or maybe you have some promotional videos whose script you need transcribed and translated into another language. Perhaps you have an athlete's press conference recorded but you need it transcribed to use it for an article. Or you have some educational content, a documentary, a vlog, a commercial that needs to be subtitled for an Italian audience. The possible scenarios are endless.

Guess what? This is one of my favourite hats to wear! Let me take care of it, relax and enjoy the show.



Transcription means that you send me an audio or video recording and I write down for you what the people in the audio/video are saying. No translation is involved here, if the audio/video is in English, the transcription is in English.



If you need subtitles or dubbing, along with the transcription you also want the so-called Time-Coding, which consists in time-stamps every sentence or two, so that you know in every moment what the speaker is saying.



Subtitling means that I translate your content from a script and create subtitles that will be added to your video.

Need the whole process? I can transcribe your content, translate and create subtitles for it, so you can relax and get everything done in one go!

Need dubbing? I don't offer voice-over services, but I can refer you to someone in my network according to your needs, so that the project can run as smoothly as possible.

You are unique and the same goes for every project that you need me to work on. 

The price for simple transcription without time coding starts at 5 EUR/minute of audio or video or 8 CAD/minute.

The price for transcription with time coding starts at 6 EUR/minute of audio or video or 8.5 CAD/minute.

The price for subtitling starts at 10 EUR/minute of audio or video or 14 CAD/minute.

However, prices vary depending on many different factors, such as subject matter, quality of the audio/video, format, deadline, target audience and so forth.


You don't need to worry! Just shoot me an email and I will draft a free non-binding quote tailored to your needs.

My language combinations:

In order to deliver the best quality product, I translate and subtitle only into my native Italian from:

I only transcribe audio/video in English and Italian.

Not the languages you were looking for? Fear not! Write me what you need and I will be happy to refer you to the right person in my network!

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