Environment and Climate Translations from English into Italian

environment and climate translation english to italian

"The bigger your carbon footprint - the bigger your moral duty. The bigger your platform - the bigger your responsibility." - G.Thunberg

In this time and age, it’s impossible to deny or ignore the climate crisis. No matter how much governments and big corporations keep trying with their selfish and reckless profit-driven moves, the ecological transition has to be our future.

I actively started reading and studying Climate Science in 2020 after taking an inspiring and illuminating workshop called Climate Fresk. Since then, I kept deepening my knowledge through articles, courses and further workshops, to be able to offer my translation services to start-ups, companies and NGOs who are working towards a better future for the planet and its inhabitants, against climate and social injustice, and to defend indigenous rights.

We can and have the moral duty to do our part in accelerating this transition. I can offer your words, in my language, to change our future.

In 2021 I also became a Facilitator of the very same Climate Fresk that was so eye-opening for me, and I’m now delivering in-person and virtual workshops in English and Italian. For individuals, I organize one free (or donation-based) community workshop once a month. Sign up HERE.



You are unique and the same goes for every project that you need me to work on.

The price for this service starts at 0.14 EUR/word or 0.20 CAD/word.
However, prices vary depending on many different factors, such as subject matter, format, deadline, target audience and so forth.

You don't need to worry! Just shoot me an email and I will draft a free non-binding quote tailored to your needs.

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