Music Translation from English into Italian

music translation english italian

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – H.C. Andersen

Music is an art that transcends any type of verbal and written communication, because it speaks directly to the heart. From this point of view, translating music is absolutely pointless, as it's a truly universal language.

However, there are aspects of the music industry that do require translation, in order to serve and touch a wider audience. Framing music in a language that listeners can understand is what differentiates an accomplished artist or band or chamber music group from the rest of the aspiring musicians out there.

Content that may require translation in the music industry includes press releases and interviews, musical promotional materials, concert programs, musicological articles, music apps, biographies, video subtitles and so much more.

Whatever results you want to achieve, I'll make sure that your language creates value for your audience and speaks to them. And if you wish, we can add that creative note that they will remember.



You are unique and the same goes for every project that you need me to work on.

The price for this service starts at 0.14 EUR/word or 0.20 CAD/word.
However, prices vary depending on many different factors, such as subject matter, format, deadline, target audience and so forth.

You don't need to worry! Just shoot me an email and I will draft a free non-binding quote tailored to your needs.

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