Travel Tourism and Hospitality Translation from English into Italian

travel tourism hospitality translation

“Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Traveling is the real love of my life. Nothing enriches me most than traveling, and if you work in the hospitality industry, chances are that you feel the same. As you know, however, there are many kinds of travelers with very different needs. A backpacker's approach to travel is different from a business man or a family with children, therefore, tailoring your communication to your specific niche is of paramount importance for the success of your business.

Being addicted to travel myself, I've immersed myself into each of these categories' world, focusing my attention on understanding their needs and expectations. I studied reports, articles, surveys and statistics, I keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry so that I can provide you with the best copy to reach your market in expansion.

Together, we can develop a communication strategy that speaks directly to your audience, addresses their concerns and builds a sense of trust that will result in more conversions for you.

Whatever results you need to achieve, I'll make sure that your language creates value for your customer and potential customer and makes them wish they were already on the road towards their next adventure.

What kind of materials can I translate for you?

  • Travel guides and guidebooks
  • Travel articles and blog posts
  • Websites
  • Brochures and marketing materials for travel agencies, hostels, guest-houses and hotels
  • Hotel descriptions and leaflets
  • Travel diaries
  • Tour descriptions
  • Travel apps and booking platforms, and more.

Sustainability, regenerative tourism and ecotourism are themes particularly close to my heart, so don't hesitate to reach out if you're trying to make a difference with your project. The world is ours to protect after all.

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You are unique and the same goes for every project that you need me to work on.

The price for this service starts at 0.14 EUR/word or 0.20 CAD/word.
However, prices vary depending on many different factors, such as subject matter, format, deadline, target audience and so forth. You don't need to worry! Just shoot me an email and I will draft a free non-binding quote tailored to your needs.

Special Package

Managing a travel business can be stressful. I worked in a guest-house and the managers had so many things to take care of to meet and exceed their customers' expectations! That's why I created a Customizable Boutique Package for the travel and hospitality industry. Let me take care of the linguistic part of the challenge, so that you can focus on what you do best: selling the best travel experiences to your clients. Here's what you get:

  • Translation of your web copy and/or marketing materials into Italian;
  • Project management if you need additional languages: I find reliable translators for the desired language, manage the communication and the workflow, take care of the quality assurance process;
  • A complete and thorough review of the translated materials before they go live (website review or typeset materials review, etc) to make sure that all the links work and the displayed text looks good;
  • Exposure on my travel-focused blog. If you wish, I can use our collaboration as a case study, documenting the experience. I can also review your products or services as an ambassador (mainly for sustainable travel companies and facilities). Backlinks to your website and social channels will be provided;
  • Management of your social media channels in Italian. We create a social media calendar together and I write/translate, schedule, post and manage your Italian accounts.
  • Consecutive interpreting at small events. Are you hosting an event with Italian customers? Are you going to a trade show where you expect to talk to Italian potential customers or partners? I can interpret for you (consecutive mode only, as I am not trained for conference interpreting and I couldn't guarantee a high-quality result).

Want to a have a chat about your client's next adventure?